The DeFi Blockchain game Hodlgod,’ is a 3D Blockchain Battle Royale RPG built on the WAX blockchain, and is launching a limited supply of NFTs on December 21st.

This new Blockchain DeFi RPG will launch with a parallel economic market for the NFT and DeFi enthusiasts. You can own your…

Brace Yourselves NFTs are revolutionizing DigitalArt & now Internet Memes.

Meet High-End Collectible NFTs on WAX

“GoPepe trading cards not only offer high-end artwork quality, they also come with a variety of unique features to increase the user experience immeasurably.”

From Trade Ups, unique Burning Mechanisms to Pack Parties, GoPepe has successfully created a strong community…

We want to give away free stuff…for quite awhile.

*UPDATE: Win $WAXP in our…#GIVEMEWAXP Giveaway⇩⇩⇩

Thanks to eosDublin for making it possible for us to giveaway NFTs and $WAXP to two lucky winners every Friday for the next several weeks.

Let’s cut to the chase, you like free stuff and we want to give you free stuff. How does that sound?

We are going to…

We are happy to announce the alliance of three WAX blockchain resources created to build and grow the WAX community. This alliance is open to community contributions and was created by eosDublin who serve as active WAX blockchain guide members.

Why create WAX Blockchain Resources?

We decided to create WAX Blockchain Resources for several reasons…

Graciously walking
On the ledge
Choosing thoughts
That guide my steps
So to not fall
Into a snare

Like a river, in my mind
Reality is created
Weaver and Artist
In thoughtful reflections
At creation turning
On the potter’s wheel

At the door, a knocking
I wake instead
Without fear — I am
Flying higher still
As a creation turning
At the potter’s wheel

I am
This is
Mine in mind
And so it is


The Detroit Blockchain Center and teamed up to launch the first ever Detroit Blockchain & Fintech Pitchfest raising awareness to the movement started in the heart of Detroit. The idea bridges FinTech with Blockchain and uses cryptocurrency to change the landscape of opportunities for Detroiters and Michiganders.

Goals of the Detroit Blockchain Center

  1. “Exploring a…

Dear Em,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, this is an open letter. To you and all the true fans, for good and for the better. Thank you. Because now we all know the value, in being true to yourself, and sharing our truth with others, more importantly, our thoughts with a voice will move…

The Telegram rumor this year is Daniel Larimer is working on a steemit 2.0, to replace Facebook. (gasp! How awesome of you Daniel, thank you!)

The idea that Daniel Larimer is working on a replacement for Facebook at, referenced as in Telegram, “steemit 2.0” has been buzzing around telegram…

Annabella Lea

Owner / Co-Founder of Fractal & Founder of EmpowerWomen in Blockchain.

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